Psychedelic Sexual Karma

Vivid colours, erotic vibes and sensual pleasures is how I perceive and translate intimacy into art.  My muses are playful, bold and shameless yet showcasing a positive attitude towards sexual intimacy and I wanted to showcase this through my theme ‘psychedelic sexual karma’.  I had to throw away my notion of what colours I wanted to use and instead work with the colours and tones absorbed by the skin of my muses.  It is fascinating to learn how colour behaves on different skin tones with differing lights and shadows which made it a fun challenge when taking my photos through its digital stages.  I didn’t want to simply take photos and present them as is but wanted to take them into another realm that draws you in, seduces you, teases you and fascinates your mind.

It has been a pleasurable process in so many ways for me and I have learnt and grown to understand that sexual pleasures should be embraced and discussed.  Communication is critical and we should educate all on consent and teach all to respect each other’s sexual preferences and boundaries.   I choose to expand my mind…do you?