Don’t let the waters run red!

These art pieces reflect what we need to cherish and not let it fade away thus the digitised work of my photos taken in the Polar Regions.  I carefully work with my photos, taking it through many digital phases, observing my subject, assessing what they might be thinking, feeling the mood, sensing the uncertainties and it’s the darkness of our doings that arise here.  The shimmering tones suggest a pristine world yet the undertone captures what could be the blood from our hands (as it’s not always visible) that is seeping through the waters that connect together the fauna and flora of the Polar Regions.  The waters carry everything within to shores afar, impacting all that it touches and washes over.  I can see it, I have seen it, on my travels in the Arctic and in Antarctica, the plastic and rubbish floating and resting like a sore point, as one that does not belong.  

It does not belong, it should not belong is what I hear my subject saying.

I ask myself “Is it the blood on my hands that is making the waters run red?” and you should too!