Let there be light - My Travel Tip!

What do you use yours for?

What do you use yours for?

Ah those eerie, mysterious, shadowy, obscure moments…

You know those dark moments when balance is key and you do not want to be toppling over.  Those muscle testing moments of free crouching, especially if it’s a number two.  Hey we all have to go some time, with shovel in one hand and toilet paper in the other, hand wipe/gel in a pocket.  Those bleary eyed moments when you want to reach that peak to see the sun rise peeking through the clouds, each step is felt but not seen, so tread carefully.  Those moments of realisation that maybe it’s time to get your eyes tested or are maps just being printed in teeny tiny fonts that squinting only makes it darker.  Those quiet evening walks in a local village or a sleepy town where only the stars twinkle high above yet it’s pitch black below….but how do you find your way home?

Oh, how handy is a head torch in all those moments…so handy it keeps your hands free to do the more important tasks at hand!

Now that you have seen the light…keep that head torch on you, during all dark times!

What’s your balance?


I’m finding a new equilibrium in my life as changes occur and am liking it, in fact I’m loving it.  Whilst contemplating how I’m adjusting I started thinking about how I’m spending my time both currently and will be for the year, breaking it down into what role I play and percentage split…don’t ask what goes in my head!  Eventually I just had to work it out precisely and put some figures together and yep produce a pie chart…told you, don’t ask what I’m thinking.

Now it’s been charted I can relax!

I kept my roles simple…it’s me as an employee, a traveller, an artist, good ole me time and snooze time.

This was all triggered recently when I accepted a new role and went back into the corporate world of Telecoms, after my career break.  My break was to pursue the arts and really emerge myself to the extent it became a hobby…and it has, with my living room makeover into a studio I have an art space at home.  I work my hours in the weekday and my work laptop is shut by 6pm and the evening is me time.  My me time is a mix of travel planning, watching films, cooking, creating art, whatever I feel like doing or not doing…I did think about producing a Venn diagram of which roles overlap but thought that might be an overkill, hey I can’t help it!  My weekends are as an artist and travel is based on annual leave now…mind you, as I’m contracting I have a habit of travelling more!  I must say in my defence, these roles/percentages are just an average and I pretty much go with the flow and how I feel in the moment.

I will continue to keep this new found balance and promise I will not get into the ‘work 24/7’ mode which was the cause for my career break.  I’ve had a great break and will continue to challenge myself, venture new avenues and let life unfold through my adventures.

I’ve found my balance (well it’s a shifting one)…have you?