uh? urm, ok!

Sketching in Jerusalem (top) Israel, Athens (bottom left) Greece and Vic Falls (bottom right) Zimbabwe.

Sketching in Jerusalem (top) Israel, Athens (bottom left) Greece and Vic Falls (bottom right) Zimbabwe.

I’m sitting in a public place, sketchpad on lap, fineliner pens out and ready, looking and seeing my subject of attention and making that mark, pen on paper.  People, a mix of tourists and locals are busy doing their thing.  Some stop to see what I’m doing, some strike up a conversation, some are curious about my use of pens only, some provide input and suggestions, some introduce me as the artist to their kids (I know, I’m an artist sounds all professional), some ask if I’m an architect (this one throws me for sure) and then there are a few who ask for a photo of me sketching.  This still takes me by surprise and hence the initial response “uh?”, oh that’s me saying to myself “did I hear that correctly, a photo, of me?” followed by “really, well if that’s what they want” which kinda like comes out as “urm, ok”.  This is my intellectual response when asked for a photo by a stranger!

Let’s rewind.  My first course I signed up to when I started my art adventure was called ‘Drawing Views of London’ and was based outdoors, a different location every day for 5 days and using different mediums.  I guess I didn’t even think twice about feeling awkward sketching whilst people are buzzing around me, as that was the course remit!  I remember the 4th day was at Borough Market and a few of us sat together when these two ladies walked passed us a few times, each time giving their critique and each time telling me how mine was not very good.  It’s a good thing people’s opinions of me and what I do have no effect on me…thus my ease of sketching in public.  To me, art is an interpretation and a personal taste.  You don’t have to like my work, you don’t have to appreciate my work…it’s just that I have to enjoy my work and I have to love my work.

I do love what I do and am humbled when anyone stops to see and critique my work…and I’d like to send out a heartfelt thank you to all those that have stopped by and to those that will stop by.

See you out and about x

p.s. Does it seem like I’ve narrated two stories here?  hmmm!

p.p.s. Mind you, it made sense in my head!!!

Bloody Lines!

No, not of the school detention kind and no, not of the sniffing kind either!  I’m talking of the cold kind…yep, you heard right.  The wind is blowing cold, snow settled on the peaks yet quite refreshing even with all my layers on.  I’m walking up the road towards the church that fascinated me when I first arrived in the town.  I get to the top of the road and what do I see (apart from the church), is lines, a lot of lines, just lines.  Horizon line, visible points on the line, straight lines, slanted line, lots of perspective lines!  That’s what art has done to me…made me see lines everywhere and pretty much all the time.  It sure does introduce a different perspective (!) to my travels.  I find a place to sit, on the ground (did I say it was cold) at the edge of the road, gloves off, pen in one hand and sketchbook in the other…my purpose, to sketch that church.  It always seems to feel colder when you’re stationary and what happens when the tools to sketch get shivering cold, oh that’s my hands and brain?

I was in the Arctic Longyearbyen, Svalbard and this is my take on Svalbard Kirke.  Ooops!


What do I do when I’m having a bad sketch day…yep, I draw more lines in all crazy directions!  Eventually, I tried to salvage from all my chaotic construction lines, a red church.

I was in the Arctic.

I was in Longyearbyen, Svalbard and this is my take on Svalbard Kirke.