Artist Bio


British artist and international adventurer, Neena, is developing her own inventive style.  Her muses range from figurative work to still life, flora and fauna to architecture, all of which influenced by her first-hand experience both plein-air and in the studio experimenting with colour and a range of mediums.  Whether it be quick pen and ink sketches (a matter of making that mark), traditional representational work using charcoal, pencil and oil paints or photographic pieces taken through many digital phases, her creations are uniquely her own.

Neena is an emerging artist on the path of discovery to find and unleash her inner creative soul.  Leaving the corporate world nearly two years ago to follow her artistic adventure, Neena has taken on her own self-defined foundation course that parallels her passion for travel.  She aspires to be a mix master artist, one who does not conform, but entwines the different techniques and mediums she is exploring on this journey of hers.

Neena’s art is bold, vibrant and brazen and as she likes to say, with it comes “a touch of naughty and nice”.


Exhibitions, Events and Shows

“The New York Optimist”, This Week In The Arts, Featured Content, 2019 []

“Erotic Art London Exhibition”, Psychedelic Sexual Karma, 2018